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Xiao Dejun (Chinese: 肖德俊) known by his stage name Xiao Jun (Hangul: 샤오쥔) is a Chinese singer and actor born in Dongguan, Guangdong on August 8, 1999. He is the main vocalist of WayV and NCT U.

History on NCT


  • Stage Name: Xiao Jun (샤오쥔)
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Position:
    • Main Vocalist
  • Nickname: Childish Kid, Junjun, Ojun, Dejun, DJ, Xiaomine, Mr. Delicious, Junnie, Dragon


Featured Artist

Year Album Song Artist
2020 I'll Be There "I'll Be There" Zhoumi
The Riot "The Riot" GINJO
2021 Love Right Back Raiden

Single Album

Year Title Members
2021 Back To You Kun & Xiao Jun



Year Title Channel Role Note
2021 Hello, My Youth
Youku Shi Changyan

TV Shows

Year Title Channel Role Note
2015 X Fire Zhejiang TV Contestant Pre-debut


  • Hobbies: Composing, Reading, Rewatching Movies, Eating Nonstop
  • Education:
    • Donghua Junior High School (Graduated)
    • Shanghai Theatre Academy (Major of Acting) (Current)
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Song: Turning Page by Sleeping At Last
  • Favorite Number: 8
  • Favorite Plant: Mimosa Pudica
  • Favorite City: Paris
  • Favorite Sound: Laughing Sound
  • Favorite Time of the Day: After 11 PM
  • Favorite Word: Life is long
  • Any acute senses: Sense of hearing
  • Favorite movie/book character: Jack of Titanic
  • Tiny habits: When reading a book suddenly I speak out the lines
  • First memory: I was in water I saw my dad and my brother trying to take me out of the water
  • Motto: “Being Complacent will result in loss, being humble will bring benefit”.
  • Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Drums, & Ukulele
  • He can write and compose his own songs.
  • He sleeps with his eyes open.[1]
  • His roommates with Kun and Yang Yang.
  • He likes strong flavors.
  • When he was younger, he wanted to become an agent.
  • Both his father and brother are also involved in the music industry.
  • He has a dog named Zhupi.
    • He bought Zhupi a dinosaur onesie.
  • He was introduced as a SM Rookies, along with Hendery and Yang Yang, in July 17, 2018.[2]
  • He was a participant in the Chinese survival show “X-Fire”, in 2015.
  • In 2016, he played the role of Joe in Wuhan University's production of Fame. He says that was a role he found challenging and he wasn't sure he could pull it off.
  • He claims he is bad at arm wrestling and says that he can't beat his mom.[3]
  • When he was little, his brother told him that if your thigh muscles are too big, you won't grow tall.[3]
    • He started doing leg workouts after he realized he stopped growing taller.[3]
  • He can beat Winwin in arm wrestling.[3]
  • When he is stressed, he sings to relieve him of stress as he likes the feeling.[4]
  • Xiao Jun got his four wisdom teeth pulled out on June 30, 2021.[5]
  • He likes eating crab and gets it often from the convenience store.[6]
  • He built his own PC.[7]



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