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Dong Sicheng (Chinese: 董思成) known by his stage name Winwin (Hangul: 윈윈) is a Chinese singer, dancer, and rapper born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang on October 28, 1997. He is the lead dancer, sub-vocal, and the sub-rapper in NCT 127, NCT U and WayV.

History on NCT


  • Stage Name: Winwin (‎윈윈)
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Position:
    • Lead Dancer
    • Sub-Vocalist
    • Sub-Rapper
  • Nickname: Winko, SM's Purest Child, Yun Yun, Chick, Visual winner, He never loses Winwin, Let's WINWIN, Wonwon, Winald, BinBin, MinMin, TinTin, 2Win



Year Album Song Note
2019 我们的师父 OST 我们的师父 with Various Artists


TV Shows

Year Title Channel Role Note
2016 Day Day Up HBS Guest
2017 University Students Have Arrived iQiyi
2019 My Brilliant Master Hunan TV Cast Member

Music Video

Year Title Artist MV
2016 Without You NCT U Official Video


Year Brand Notes
2018 Zhongjie 1946 with Kun & Lucas
2019 W.Lab China
Reebok with WayV
Cigalong Beauty with Hendery, Ten, Xiao Jun


  • MBTI: INFJ-A [3]
  • Speciality: Chinese Traditional Dance.
  • Hobbies: Piano, Watching Movies.
  • Education:
    • Beijing Dance Academy Affiliated Secondary School (Major of Traditional Chinese Dance) (Graduated)
    • The Central Academy of Drama (Major of Performance) (Graduated)
  • Likes: Sleeping, shopping, babies, dogs, vacations, NCTzens, snow
  • Dislikes: When people touch him
  • Insturments: Keytar
  • Favorite Drinks: Caramel Macchiato, soda water, and orange juice.
  • Favorite Hobbies: Watching movies, but he would like to learn how to shoot guns as well. He also likes to swim.
  • Favorite Color: White and Black.
  • Favorite Places: New Zealand, Gyeongbokgung Palace and amusement parks.
  • Favorite Musicians: EXO, Jay Chou.
  • Favorite Actors: Kim Soo-hyun and Shu Qi.
  • Favorite Movies: Pursuit of Happyness.
  • Favorite Anime: One Piece.
  • Favorite Saying: Let it Be.
  • Favorite Language: English, Korean, Chinese
  • Favorite Food: Hot Pot, Tiramisu, Samgyeobsal, Strawberries, Mushrooms, Chips.
  • Allergies: Pericarp
  • Ideal Type: Someone who has long black hair.
  • Fears: Strangers, heights
  • The song that made him wanna become an artist: EXO’s “Growl” (Apple NCT’s Playlist)
  • Winwin's family pet dog's name is Wangzai.
  • He has his drivers license.[4]
  • He can play the guitar.
  • He can speak both Chinese and Korean.
  • He used to be really short as a kid.
  • He once had a snaggletooth.
  • He doesn't wear clothes when he sleeps.
  • He wants to try acting.
  • He likes gummy candies better than chocolate.
  • Minhyuk (Monsta X) said he finds Winwin really handsome.
  • He wants to do a fried chicken cf.
  • He always uses his phone because he loves the games on the phone.
  • He has two dogs named Figure and Penny.
  • He is the most flexible member in 127.
  • He is shy around strangers.
  • He was casted on the streets leaving Beijing's Dance Academy.
  • He used to be roommates with Yuta and Taeil in 127 dorms and is now roommates with Lucas in WayV's dorms.
  • He always stretch in the morning.
  • He sleeps with his eyes open.
  • He didn’t trust the SM agents at first and believed they were scammers.
    • SM scouted him for 2 years because he kept giving them a wrong number whenever they would ask for his number.[5]
  • The most difficult Korean word for WinWin is ‘deo araero’.
  • WinWin is close to Seventeen’s The8.
  • He was included as one of the idols that had a "Funny and Surprising Way" of getting casted in an article written by Soompi.[5]
  • If he could only eat one food for the rest of his life it would be hot pot.[3]
  • While Winwin was in a two-week quarantine with Lucas in March 2021, he cut his own hair.[6]
  • When self-evaluating how good his cooking is, he gave himself a 6 on a scale of 1-10. However, Hendery said that Winwin is a 2.[7]



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