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    Annyeonghaseyo, and back to my mother tongue (English) , this is my first blog post so please treat me well.

    So, it's obvious that S.M. Entertainment has never been known for it's great rappers, and though S.M. is one of three of the top K-POP Agencies, rapping skill is something they lack. Now, it can be debatable, in no way am I saying that idols such as Eunhyuk, Chanyeol, Sehun, Irene e.g. are bad rappers, it's just not really the strong point of their agency.

    Vocals are definately the opposite when it comes to S.M. Entertainment, I mean c'mon! Wendy, Baekhyun and Yesung, there are so many more, S.M. is quite well known for their incredibly talented vocalists. 

    So, why are S.M. 's rappers no longer overlooked? Well, NCT debuted in 2016 wit…

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