Yesterday was April 1 in Korea and of course being the crackheads they are, NCT has april fooled us. Personally, I believe my favorite was Kun's. Kun had posted a qr code that looked like a wechat qr code. However, if you scan the qr code, it takes you to a sequence of words. So in conclusion, we were tricked. My second favorite is Johnny's because I almost believed it. Johnny said that he was going to star in a Netflix series called "Hearfelt Homestyle."  Of course, it seems to be false though. The Kim brothers Doyoung and Gongmyung had posted each others selfies and pretended they were one another which was pretty much it chief. Chenle had made a post with a beatiful picture of the sky and claimed it was no good. Chenle also claims he got that joke from Jeno. Jaehyun had posted a picture with his hair green?? I'm. Jaemin promoted his drama on April 1, what a cutie. Jeno had tweeted that he crammed for 3 days and got a good score, I need this kind of luck. Jeno also says that he will treat Jisung and Jisung replied saying he likes Korean beef, he's so adorable. Yang Yang had posted a picture of a dog and him and said that the dog was Yang Yang and his pet was on the second picture which was him. In conclusion, NCT is made of crackheads.

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