NCT U 엔시티 유 'Baby Don't Stop' MV

Sup NCTzens! If you're not an NCTzen then...well, catch up ;)

I'm a multi-K-pop fan with just over 20 fandom names under my belt since the beginning of 2018. Yeah, I'm a little late. BUT! But, I was a generalized fan of EXO and Girls Generations music a few years ago.

But now I'm in too deep to crawl back out, and to be honest the visuals wouldn't let me either way. So, I'm just going to 'help out' on NCT wikia and basically provide you with the tons of information I have gathered over my hours, days, weeks and months of sitting in my bed obsessing over the 18 visuals we call NCT {I only stan talent}

If I had to choose a favorite sub-unit it would be NCT U, since they are my bias unit and my ultimate K-pop bias Ten is a member of theirs. Though NCT DREAM is bias wrecking me so goddamn hard recently especially since their comeback with We Go Up. {Goodbye Mark-eu}

My NCT Bias list:

  • NCT U: Jungwoo, Taeyong, Ten
  • NCT DREAM: Haechan, Jaemin
  • NCT 127: Mark, Taeyong, Jaehyun

My NCT Bias-wrecker list:

  • NCT U: Lucas, Jaehyun, Win Win
  • NCT DREAM: Mark
  • NCT 127: Haechan

My favorite NCT songs:

  1. Dream In A Dream - NCT U (Ten)
  2. Baby Don't Stop - NCT U
  3. Yestoday - NCT U
  4. Go - NCT DREAM
  5. We Go Up - NCT DREAM
  6. Touch - NCT 127
  7. Neo Got My Back - NCT U
  8. Without You - NCT U (Chinese version)
  9. The 7th Sense - NCT U
  10. Boss - NCT U
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