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Hello, and welcome to the NCT Wiki! This page will outline our policies. Please refer to them when needed or reach out to administrator.

Blocking policy

You may be blocked for the following reason(s):

  • Vandalism – Deliberate destruction of the articles including removing information, adding false information, or anything that isn't related to the article itself.
  • Violating Fandom's Terms of Use
  • Personal attacks – Users that attack or harass other users will be blocked depending on the severity.
  • Inappropriateness - Users can be blocked if inappropriate content is posted depending on the severity.

Image policy

  • Images can be uploaded in jpg or png format.
  • Images must be appropriate.
  • Images from fansites are not allowed.
  • Personal images are allowed for use in user pages.
  • An image can be deleted if it is not in use or if it does not follow the site's policies.
    • Duplicate images could also be deleted.
  • Uploading images that are behind a paywall are not allowed.


  • Images must include the names of the members in the picture, along with the date.
  • Images should be placed in the correct tab with the most recent photo being on the top of the gallery.

Video policy

  • Only official videos are allowed, fan edits etc. cannot be uploaded to the Wiki.
  • Any inappropriate videos can be deleted.
    • Duplicate videos could also be deleted.
  • Uploading videos that are behind a paywall are not allowed.


  • Fancams must only be uploaded by the music show's official YouTube account.
  • Fancams that are recorded by fansites or is behind a paywall are not allowed.
  • Fancams are only allowed in the respective member's gallery or a personal user page.