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SMROOKIES (임팩트) was a pre-debut team of trainees formed by SM Entertainment. The team consists of young trainees who have not yet debuted in an idol group or as a solo artist. The project has produced groups such as Red Velvet, NCT (NCT U, NCT Dream, NCT 127 and WayV) and aespa.


Rookies are trainees who are part of the SMROOKIES project. They are sorted according to the current year and their gender. This is shown as "S" for SM Entertainment, "R" for rookies, two numbers to represent the year they joined, and "G" or "B" to specify their gender.

Graduated members

Graduated members consists of trainees who have debuted into an SM Entertainment group or as soloists and are now full-fledged artists of their own right.

Red Velvet



Past members

Past members consist of former trainees who have left SM Entertainment or the SM Rookies project.


  • Yang Yong-ju (양용주) (left approx. 2014)
  • Ji Hansol (한솔) (left approx. October 2017)


  • Seo Herin (헤린) (left approx. July 2017)
  • Yiyang (이양) (left approx. September 2018)[1]
  • Park Jung Yeon (정연) (left approx. November 2019)[2]
  • Koeun (고은) (left approx. February 2020)[3]
  • Lami (라미) (left approx. February 2020)[4]
  • Hina (히나, ひな) (left approx. October 2020)[5]

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