Huang Renjun (Chinese: 黄仁俊) referred to as Renjun (Hangul: 런쥔) is a Chinese singer born in Jilin on March 23, 2000. He is the main vocalist and the lead dancer of NCT Dream and NCT U.

History on NCT


  • Stage Name: Renjun (런쥔)
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Position:
    • Main Vocalist
    • Lead Dancer
  • Nicknames: The Prince of China, King of Losing, Golden Hands, Moomin Otaku, Injun (In-Joon), Paper Doll/Man, Shoulder Gangster, Injeolmi, The One Who Brightens The World, Pure Boy, JunJun


= Participates as writing/composer/arranger

= Not participated as writing/composer/arranger

Other songs

Album Song Artist Writer Composer Arranger Ref.
N/A "A New Beginning" (新的开始) Renjun & Chenle


TV Shows

Year Name Channel Role Note
2019 Idol Room JTBC Guest (with Chenle) Ep. 46 (Foreigner's Special)

Radio Program

Year Name Channel Role Note
2019-2020 Akdong Seoul (악동서울/乐动首尔) TBS Permanent DJ August 5, 2019-October 11, 2020


Year Brand Notes
2019-present OYF Hot Spring World (欧亚菲温泉水世) with Chenle


  • Hobbies: Drawing Moomin
  • Speciality: Running around with a hula hoop
  • Education:
    • Jilin Korean Ethnic Minority Experiment Elementary School (Graduated)
    • Jilin Korean Ethnic Minority Experiment Middle School (Graduated)
    • Jilin Korean Ethnic Minority High School (Transferred)
    • Beijing Contemporary Music Academy (Graduated)
  • Favorite Sunbae: Lay (EXO)
  • Favorite Food: Hot Pot, Malatang
  • Favorite Color: Yellow[1]
  • His favorite subject is Korean.
  • He doesn't hate any subjects in school.
  • The singer he likes these days is Ariana Grande and his favorite song is "Into You".
  • He likes the light to be on while he sleeps.
  • His favorite place in Seoul is the Moomin Cafe.
  • He is close friends with Seventeen's chinese members, Jun and The8.
  • He believes in aliens and ghosts.
  • He can do contemporary dance and ballet.
  • One of his hobbies is drawing (often on an iPad).[2]
  • He has a birthmark on the back of his hand.
  • He used to have a snaggletooth back in 2016.
  • He had/has lingual braces.
  • He says he only acts innocent because his manager said so.
  • He is one of the shortest members of NCT.
  • He made up a 0% viewer rating to introduce himself.
  • Renjun does not like coriander.[3]
  • He usually likes to watch movies in the dorm.[4]
    • His favorite movie is Avatar.
  • If he was in China for a holiday, he would like to visit Shanghai.[4]
  • He wants to rest and go on a holiday with his members the most.[4]
  • A gift that he was most touched about from his members is a bag.[4]
  • He wants to be a happy person in the future.[4]



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