Huang Renjun (Chinese: 黄仁俊) referred to as Renjun (Hangul: 런쥔) is a Chinese singer born in Jilin on March 23, 2000. He is the lead vocalist of NCT Dream.

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  • Stage Name: Renjun (런쥔)
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Position:
    • Lead Vocalist
  • Nickname: Earl of Lemongrab, Golden Hands, Moomin Otaku, Injun, Paper Doll/Man, Shoulder Gangster, Injeolmi

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Year Title Channel Role Note
2019 Idol Room JTBC Guest Ep. 46 (Foreigner's Special)

Trivia Edit

  • Hobbies: Drawing Moomin
  • Speciality: Running around with a hula hoop
  • Education:
    • Jilin Korean Ethnic High School (Transfered)
    • Beijing Contemporary Music Academy (Current)
  • Favourite Sunbae: Lay (EXO)
  • His favorite food is hot pot.
  • His favorite subject is Korean.
  • He doesn't hate any subjects in school.
  • The singer he likes these days is Ariana Grande and his favorite song is "Into You".
  • He likes the light to be on while he sleeps.
  • His favorite place in Seoul is the Moomin Cafe.

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