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Play V is a series on YouTube for the members of WayV to broadcast their talents.

It was originally a part of WayV-ariety but was made into its own segment.


Thumbnail Title Starring Air Date
WayV-ariety 8.jpg
KUN's MIDI Studio Kun September 11, 2019
WayV-ariety 9.jpg
Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep? (Cover by. KUN) January 15, 2020
Play V 3.jpg
WayV - Dream Launch (Special A Cappella Cover) May 22, 2020
Play V 4.jpg
Dance by YANGYANG Christopher – My Heart (Choreo by RyuD) Yang Yang May 27, 2020
Play V 5.jpg
LEONIDAS Yang Yang & Kun May 29, 2020
Play V 6.jpg
TIME & THE VISION : REBIRTH WayV July 11, 2020
Play V 7.jpg
샘김 (Sam Kim) - Who Are You (Cover by. XIAOJUN) Xiao Jun September 1, 2020
Play V 8.jpg
故人归 Kun December 19, 2020
Play V 9.jpg
EXO - For Life (English Ver.) (Cover by. XIAOJUN) Xiao Jun December 31, 2020
Play V 10.jpg
WayV - Action Figure (KUN Remix Ver.) Kun July 2, 2021
Play V 11.jpg
Dance by XIAOJUN - Good Time (WayV) Xiao Jun August 2, 2021
Play V 12.jpg
XIAOJUN - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Justin Bieber) Xiao Jun December 24, 2021