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Neo Zone: The Final Round is the repackage album of Neo Zone. The album consists of songs from NCT #127 Neo Zone and three new tracks. It was released on May 19, 2020.

The physical album comes in two versions: 1st Player and 2nd Player.

Track listing

  1. Punch
  2. NonStop
  3. Prelude
  4. Elevator (127F)
  5. 영웅; 英雄 (Kick It)
  6. 꿈 (Boom)
  7. 낮잠 (Pandora's Box)
  8. 白日夢 (Day Dream)
  9. Make Your Day
  10. Interlude: Neo Zone
  11. 뿔 (Mad Dog)
  12. Sit Down!
  13. 메아리 (Love Me Now)
  14. 우산 (Love Song)
  15. 백야 (White Night)
  16. Not Alone
  17. Dreams Come True


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