NCT SCHOOL DREAM MATE consists of 6 members of NCT Dream: Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Chenle and Jisung. The 6 members go to a mock school where they explore different areas such as art and games. The series even includes a Yaja Time and nominations of certain managers for different aspects of the classroom. The series ends with them making each other awards.

Episode Edit

# Thumbnail Title Air Date
NCT School Dream Mate 1st Period
1st Period February 15, 2017
NCT School Dream Mate 2nd Period
2nd Period February 22, 2017
NCT School Dream Mate 3rd Period
3rd Period March 3, 2017
NCT School Dream Mate 4th Period
4th Period March 8, 2017
NCT School Dream Mate End Of Semester
The End of Semester March 10, 2017

Break Time Edit

# Thumbnail Title Air Date
Nct school dream mate break 1
1st Period Break Time February 17, 2017
NCT School Dream Mate 2nd Period Break Time
2nd Period Break Time February 28, 2017


Break Time Edit

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