This page contains the list of all NCT members.

Introduction Edit

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NCT Original Teams Edit

  • Bolded names indicate members, which are still active in NCT
  • Italicized names indicate members with pending graduations
  • The members' pictures are of members who are still active in NCT

1st Generation (Original NCT U) Edit

  • Announced April 2016

Members (7): Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, Kun, Mark

2nd Generation (Original NCT 127) Edit

  • Announced July 2016

New Members (3): Yuta, Winwin (on hiatus), Haechan

3rd Generation (Original NCT DREAM) Edit

  • Announced August 2016

New Members (5): Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin (2016; 2018-), Chenle, Jisung

NCT Additional Members Edit

4th Generation (2017 NCT 127 Additions) Edit

  • Announced December 2016

New Members (1): Johnny

5th Generation (2018 NCT U Additions) Edit

  • Announced January 2018

New Members (2): Lucas, Jungwoo

  • Also in NCT 127 (1): Jungwoo (2018-)
  • Also in WayV (1): Lucas (2019-)

6th Generation (Original WayV) Edit

  • Announced September 2018

New Members (3): Hendery, Xiao Jun, Yang Yang

Promotional Lineups Edit

NCT U Edit

NCT 127 Edit


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