MarkNo (Mark and Je/No) is the friendship pairing between Mark and Jeno.



  • Both are part of the sub-units NCT DREAM.
  • Both were SM Rookies.
  • Both have blood type A.
  • Both can play guitar.
  • Both are fixed MC on one of Korean music shows. (Mark for MBC Music Core [2018-2019], Jeno for SBS The Show [2018-2019]).


  • Mark was born in 1999 and Jeno was born in 2000.
  • Mark is Canadian whereas Jeno is Korean.
  • Mark's zodiac is Leo and Jeno's zodiac is Taurus.

Facts Edit

  • They are in the South Korean boy group NCT.
  • Both attend School of Performing Arts (SOPA). (Formerly)
  • They performed "Baby Don't Stop" by Taeyong & Ten in NCT Dream Show.
  • They sometimes practicing rap together since they were trainees.
  • They both wore glasses when they first met each other.
  • Jeno said Mark is his bias from NCT Dream.
  • Jeno chose Mark as one of the closest NCT members to him.
  • Jeno chose Mark as someone who knows him the most among Dream members because Mark knows well when Jeno's mood changes and also Jeno's habit. (180907 NCT Night Night).
  • Jeno chose Mark as the member in Dream he wants to do unit with. He said it would be fun to form a hip-hop unit with Mark as his solo activities. (Grazia Sept '17 Interview).
  • Both chose each other as the most handsome member in NCT Dream.
  • Mark and Jeno have a habit of holding each other's hand since they were trainees because both have the same hand size.
  • Mark once gave a gundam to Jeno as his birthday present.
  • Mark and Jeno have been emceeing together for three times: SM Rookies Show (Christmas Special), K-pop Festival in Tokyo 2018, & NCT Dream Show #1.
  • In NCT Dream Show #2, Mark and Jeno performed a rap stage together.
  • Jeno said once he gets driving license, he wanted to go driving to the beach and chose Mark as the member he wanted to go drive with.
  • A fan asked Jeno if there is anyone who makes him happy just by looking at that person's face and he answered Mark. (180323 Fansign).
  • Jeno chose Mark to be the person he wants to be roommates with because he hasn’t roomed with him since their trainee days. (PUFF NCT Dream Fan QnA Ep. 1).
  • Mark wrote "Jeno confessed to me" as his TMI. (Czennies Would Like This Too [Dream] Ep. 3).


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