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Mark Lee (Korean name: Lee Min-hyung; in Hangul: 이민형) referred to as Mark (Hangul: 마크) is a Korean-Canadian rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter born in Toronto, Ontario on August 2, 1999. He is the main rapper, main dancer, and the sub-vocalist of NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and SuperM.

History on NCT

  • April 9, 2016: Made his debut on the sub-unit NCT U with the first digital single, "The 7th Sense".
  • July 10, 2016: Made his debut on the sub-unit NCT 127 with the first mini-album, NCT #127.
  • August 24, 2016: Made his debut on the sub-unit NCT Dream with the first digital single, "Chewing Gum".
  • March 14, 2018: Participated on the project unit NCT 2018 with the first full album, NCT 2018 Empathy.
  • December 31, 2018: Graduated from NCT Dream due to the maturity of his age.[1]
  • April 14, 2020: SM Entertainment announced his return to NCT Dream. [2]
  • October 12, 2020: Participated on the project unit NCT 2020 with the second full album, NCT Resonance Pt. 1.
  • November 23, 2020: Participated on the project unit NCT 2020 with the second full album repackage, NCT Resonance Pt. 2.
  • December 4, 2020: Participated on the project unit NCT 2020 with the second full album final single, Resonance.


  • Stage Name: Mark (마크)
  • Birth Name: Mark Lee (마크 이)
  • Korean Name: Lee Min Hyung (이민형; 李敏炯)
  • Birthdate: August 2, 1999
  • Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Western Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
  • Position:
    • Leader (NCT Dream)
    • Main Rapper
    • Main Dancer
    • Sub-Vocalist
  • Nickname: 유두소년 ("you do" boy), Seagull, 왕머리3 (big head number 3), Pro-debuter, Baby Cheetah, Watermelon Boy, Innocent Mark Hyung, Mork Bee, No-Jam 2, Baby Lion, Editing Fairy, Makkeuri, Little Monkey, Mork Lee, Markgeolli, Baby Tiger




Year Album Song
2017 High School Rapper FINAL "Drop (ft. Seulgi of Red Velvet)"


Year Album Song Note
2016 Sweet Stranger and Me OST "What To Do" with Henry
2018 The Ghost Detective OST "My Dream" with Joy (Red Velvet)
2019 The Tale of Nokdu "Baby Only You" with Doyoung


= Participates as writing/composer/arrange ✖ = Not participated as writing/composer/arrange

NCT Discography

Album Song Writing Composer Arrange Ref.
NCT # 127 (NCT 127) (2016) Fire Truck
Mad City
The First (NCT DREAM) (2016) Chewing Gum
Limitless (NCT 127) (2017) Good Thing
Baby Don't Like It
The First (NCT DREAM) (2017) My First and Last
Cherry Bomb (NCT 127) (2017) Cherry Bomb
Running 2 U
0 Mile
Summer 127
We Young (NCT DREAM) (2017) Trigger The Fever
La La Love
Walk You Home
My Page
SM Station Season 2 (2017) Joy (NCT DREAM)
NCT 2018 Empathy (2018) Boss (NCT U)
Yestoday (NCT U)
Black on Black (NCT 2018)
The 7th Sense (NCT U)
We Go Up (NCT DREAM) (2018) We Go Up
Beautiful Time
Regular-Irregular (NCT 127) (2018) City 127
Regular (Korean & English Ver.)
My Van
Regulate (NCT 127) (2018) Welcome To My Playground
Chain (Korean ver.)
SM Station Season 3 (2018) Candle Light (NCT DREAM)
We Are Superhuman (NCT 127) (2019) Jet Lag
NCT 127 Neo Zone (NCT 127) (2020) Pandora's Box
Mad Dog
Love Song
Hot Sauce (NCT Dream) (2021) Rainbow
Sticker (NCT 127) (2021) Sticker
Universe (2021) New Axis (NCT U)
Universe (Let's Play Ball) (NCT U)
Know Now (NCT U)
Beautiful (NCT 2021)

Other songs

Album Song Artist Writer Composer Arranger Ref.
High School Rapper (2017) Drop Mark ft. Seulgi (Red Velvet)
SM Station Season 2 (2017) Young & Free Mark & Xiumin (EXO)
Lemonade Love Mark & Park Jae Jung
Super One (2020) 100 SuperM
Together At Home


TV Shows

Year Title Channel Role Note
2014 EXO 90:2014 Mnet SM Rookies Member Pre-debut
2015 Mickey Mouse Club Disney Channel Korea Cast Member
2017 High School Rapper Mnet Contestant
Snowball Project V-app, Mnet Cast Member
2018 Hello Counsellor KBS2 Guest March 27
Life Bar tvN with Xiumin (EXO) & Changmin (TVXQ)
It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets MBC Cast Season 2, from Episode 8-10
2019 Let's Eat Dinner Together JTBC Guest Ep. 136

Hosting Program

Year Title Channel Role Note
2016 M Countdown Mnet Weekly Guest MC August 25 (with Doyoung)
2017 Music Bank KBS2 Special MC Ep.875
Inkigayo SBS Ep.915
2018-2019 Music Core MBC MC February 24 - January 12

Radio Program

Year Name Channel Role Note
2018 NCT's Night Night! SBS Power FM Special DJ Johnny's Replacement

Awards & Nominations

Year Category Recipient Result
2018 MBC Entertainment Awards Rookie of the Year (Talk and Music category) Nominated


Year Brand Notes
2020 Nature Republic with NCT 127


  • Specialty: Rap, Guitar, Dance
  • Education:
    • P.S. 209 Clearview Gardens School (Graduated)
    • Eonju Middle School (Graduated)
    • School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) (Major of Practical Dance) (Graduated)
  • Family: Father, Mother and older brother (born in 1996)
  • Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Watching Youtube
  • Favorite Foods: Bagels, Cookies and Cream flavoured Ice Cream, Chicken, Kimchi, Rice, Watermelon, Jajangmyeon, Cookies, Chips, Bread, Chocolate, Samgyetang, Noodles, Eggs, Ramen
    • Mark is a fast eater (according to Johnny).
    • He likes mild flavoured foods, but isn't picky.
  • Dislikes: Green Tea, Ketchup, Seafood and Yogurt
  • Foot Size: 270 mm[3]
  • Insturments: Guitar, Piano
  • Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, French (basic)
  • Favorite Drinks: Banana Milk, Coca Cola, Sprite
  • Favorite Accessories: Hats
  • Favorite Color: Ocean Blue[3][4]
  • Favorite Time of day: Midnight
  • Favorite Season: Fall
  • Favorite Weather: Windy
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas 
  • Favorite Musicians: Beyonce, Coldplay, Chris Brown, Minho (SHINee), Xiumin (EXO), J.Cole, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber,[5] Michael Jackson, John Mayer, DPR LIVE, Bruno Mars,[5] Eminem.
    • Role Model: Justin Bieber[3]
    • Before he came to Korea, he was a huge fan of Bruno Mars.[5]
  • Favorite Music Genres: R&B, Rap, Groovy, Dance
  • Favorite Movie Genre: Inspirational Movies
  • Favorite Actors: Kim Soo-Hyun
  • Favorite Place: Canada
  • Favorite Sports: Badminton, Ice skating 
  • Favorite Games: Angry Birds 2
  • Ideal Type: Someone who is not pretentious.[6]
  • Personality: Cute, kind, sweet, outgoing, adorable, optimistic, positive, cheerful, caring, easygoing, laid back, sincere, confident, nonchalant, dreamy, charming, and hard-working.
  • Mark has a habit of rolling his eyes when he is sitting still during interviews.
  • His favorite subjects are English, Writing, and P.E (Physical Education).
  • His least favorite subject is Science. 
  • He can speak English, Korean, and a little Japanese and French.
  • In 8th grade, Mark first auditioned in SM's Global Audition. In 9th grade, SM then asked him to come to Korea to train.[5]
    • Mark, along with Jisung and Hansol, was introduced as an SM Rookies member on December 17, 2013.[7]
    • He was a trainee for about 4 years.[8]
  • As the audition was on a weekday, Mark originally was not planning to go as he was dedicated to school. However, on the day of the auditions, his teachers went on strike and so Mark decided to audition as his brother was already going to as well.[5]
  • Jaemin said he thinks Mark is the most dependable member.
  • He thinks he can only wink with his right eye but not with his left eye.[9]
  • He loves the nickname "Baby Lion".
  • After watching The Conjuring with Taeyong and Haechan, he thought that the movie was too much for him.
  • He does not like horror movies, and is afraid of ghosts.
  • He says to pray before watching a scary movie, and always prays before going to sleep.
  • The other NCT members say that Mark sleep talks in Konglish.
  • He loves the snow.
  • Mark described himself as a clock, because he wants to work hard, just like the hand of a clock that never stops moving.
  • If he had a younger sister, he would want to introduce Jaehyun to her.
  • Mark is religious, he is Christian.
  • For an SM Halloween party in 2017 he went as the Tin Man and in 2018 he went as Detective Conan.
  • Mark is known for not being a good chef.
  • Gordon Ramsay once commented on his fried egg.[10]
  • He can imitate the sound of ripping paper and the sound of a mosquito racket.
  • Mark can also do the splits.
  • In the past, he was able to beat all the NCT Dream Members in arm wrestling.
  • All the NCT DREAM members are most in unison when teasing Mark (about his cuteness).
  • During the Chewing Gum promotions, he made a signature phrase of 'bu dong' (meaning don't move in Chinese) followed by pretending to pin someone against the wall with one hand.
  • His parents are musicians.
  • Mark has never believed in Santa.
  • When Mark was younger he believed that there was a monster in his stomach, so every time his stomach growled, he had to feed the monster.
  • When he was younger, his dream job was to become a writer or an ice-cream man.
  • He believes that Haechan knows the most about him out of the NCT DREAM members.
  • He's best friends with Haechan.
  • Mark moved many times as a child. He was born in Toronto, but then moved to Vancouver, New York, Vancouver again and finally settled in Seoul as a trainee at the age of 13.
  • If he had to choose someone to switch bodies with, he'd pick Lucas because he has good body proportions.
  • In the dorm, he’s in charge of taking out the trash, but sometimes he also helps Taeyong with the laundry.
  • He has been roommates with Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Haechan, but currently shares with a manager.
  • He was classmates with OH MY GIRL‘s Arin, GIRLKIND‘s Xeheun, GUGUDAN‘s Mina, Golden Child's Donghyun, and ROMEO's Kangmin.[11]
  • He was chosen as a member of SM's new super boy group, SuperM, alongside Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, EXO's Baekhyun and Kai, and SHINee's Taemin.
    • He’s the maknae of SuperM.
  • He was a vocalist but he switched to a rapper during debut/trainee times.
  • He is known to giggle or laugh a lot.
  • He thinks he learnt his laugh from Haechan.
  • He is afraid of heights.[3]
  • In the morning, the first thing he does is turn off his alarm.[3]
  • He thinks his cutest point is his arched eyebrow.[3]
  • Mark sleeps without a pillow and says it's hard for him to sleep with one.[12]
  • His favorite song off of the Resonance album is "My Everything".[4]
  • In the future, he would like to try a more acoustic genre.[5]
  • If he had his own country, he would prohibit littering.[5]
  • If Mark was to have a super power, he would want to see through walls and other objects.[13]
  • His Harry Potter house would be Hufflepuff.[14]

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