Johnny (Regulate)Concept photo for NCT #127 Regulate.
Personal Info
Birthname Seo Young Ho (서영호)
Birthplace Chicago, United States
Birthdate February 9, 1995 (1995-02-09) (age 23)
Height 184 cm
Weight 68 kg
Blood Type B
Nationality Korean-American
Occupation Singer, rapper, radio personality, actor
Unit(s) NCT 127 (2017-present)
Active 2017-present
Agency S.M. Entertainment
Associated act(s) NCT
SM Rookies

Johnny (Hangul: 쟈니), born John Seo (Hangul: 쟌서) or Seo Young-ho (Hangul: 서영호) in Chicago, United States on February 9, 1995. 

Profile Edit

  • Stage Name: Johnny (쟈니)
  • English Name: John Seo
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Position:
    • Lead Rapper
  • Nickname: Prince, Chicago Boy, Jsuh, Chicago Monster, Johnny-cal, Aengmu John, One and Only, Johntography,

Discography Edit

Collaboration Edit

  • Nightmare (with Yoon Do-hyun, Reddy, G2, Inlayer) (2016)

Filmography Edit

TV Shows Edit

Year Title Channel Role Note
2014 EXO 90:2014 Mnet SM Rookies Member Pre-debut
2017 Lipstick Prince OnStyle Cast Member Season 2
2018 Wednesday Food Talk tvN Guest

Radio Program Edit

Year Name Channel Role Note
2017-Present NCT's Night Night! SBS Power FM Radio Host Also hosted with Jaehyun

Hosting Program Edit

Year Title Channel Role Note
2016 My SMT Youku MC October 31 – November 28
2018 M Countdown Mnet Global MC May 3

Music Video Edit

Year Title Artist MV Note
2016 Ready For Your Love J-Min Official Video Pre-debut

Endorsements Edit

Year Brand Notes
2018 M Clean with Doyoung

Trivia Edit

  • Specialty: Rapping, Dancing, Playing the piano, Making people happy
  • Education:
    • School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) (Practical Dance) (Transfered)
    • Glenbrook North High School (Graduated)
  • Favorite Letter: J.
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer
  • Favorite Musicians: Usher
  • Favorite Celebrities: Louis C.K
  • Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Lion King
  • Favorite Poet: Dr. Seuss
  • Favorite Author: Malcolm Gladwell
  • Favorite Cartoon: Dragon Ball
  • Favorite Foods: Coca-cola, Carbonated Water, Mint Chocolate, Americano, Chocolate Ice Cream, Chili, Watermelon, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Burritos.
  • He was accepted to SM Entertainment through the SM Global Audition in Chicago in September 2007.
  • He can speak both Korean and English.
  • He snores in his sleep.
  • He has a huge birthmark on his left hip.
  • When he wakes up in the morning, he has to have coffee.
  • He likes to listen ghost stories.
  • When he was young, he was scared of dolls because his older cousin let him watched the movie Chucky.
  • He is a fast eater.
  • He sometimes sleeps with a whale plushie named Blue and a seal plushie named Jay.
  • His personality change when he speaks Korean and English.
  • He is not ticklish.
  • He used to have a dog.
  • His cousins used to tease him about how his mother found him under a bridge (Of course it was a joke).
  • He is clumsy.
  • He loves cute things.
  • He is an only child.
  • He is the mood maker in NCT127.
  • HIs ideal type is someone who smiles at him a lot, Yoona From Girls Generation.

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