JohnTen (John/ny and Ten) is the friendship pairing between Johnny and Ten.

Other NamesEdit

  • TenNy (Ten and John/Ny)

Trivia Edit


  • Both were SM Rookies.
  • Both were born in February.
  • Both are fluent in English.
  • Both are foreigners.


  • Johnny was born in America whereas Ten was born in Thailand.
  • Johnny is Korean-American and Ten is Thai-Chinese.
  • Johnny is a member of the sub-unit NCT 127 while Ten is a member of the sub-units NCT U and WayV.
  • Ten is a Pisces and Johnny is a Aquarius.


  • They are part of the South Korean boy group NCT .
  • Ten stated that if he were to date one of the member, he'd choose Johnny.
  • They are part of the "Foreigner Swaggers".
  • They follow each other on Instagram.
  • Ten's sister Tern follows Johnny on Instagram.
  • Ten once said that his dad liked Johnny's stage more than his.
  • When asked why Johnny wasn't in his brain map, Ten responded by saying that Johnny is in his heart.


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