JiMark (Ji/Sung and Mark) is the friendship pairing between Jisung and Mark.

Other Names Edit

  • MarkSung (Mark and Ji/Sung)

Trivia Edit

Similarities Edit

  • Both are part of the sub-unit NCT DREAM (Mark formely).
  • Both were SM Rookies.
  • Both are rappers.
  • Both were part of Mickey Mouse Club.

Differences Edit

  • Mark was born in 1999 whereas Jisung was born in 2002.
  • Mark was born in Canada whereas Jisung was born in South Korea.
  • Mark is a Leo and Jisung is an Aquarius.
  • Mark is already graduated from Dream while Jisung isn't.


  • They are part of the South Korean boy group NCT .
  • Jisung said he wants Mark to be his rap mentor.


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