JSMR is a series on YouTube where Jeno does certain things in ASMR. JSMR will certainly make you feel relaxed and calm as it is aired weekly.

Episodes Edit

Thumbnail Title Air Date
JSMR Cover
JENO's Scritch Scratch Handwriting Sounds Present Has Arrived! March 18, 2019
Jsmr 2
Will you listen to the sound of a flipping book? March 25, 2019
Jsmr 3
Crunchy fruits, Veggies cutting sounds (+DREAM special appearance) April 1, 2019
Jsmr 4
Cherry blossoms are falling... ย Jeno's face is wonderful ... (Cherry Blossom Edition) April 8, 2019
Jsmr 5
Sweet macarons and Jeno's sweet voice (Ft. Character Macaron) April 15, 2019
Jsmr 6
Making Dazzling Chocolate Brownies (with Jaemin) April 22, 2019
Jsmr almond
Until now there was no such almond (Feat. Unique taste almond) April 29, 2019
Jsmr sugar cube
As Sweet as Sugar Cubes Jeno and Coffee Timeโ˜• How is it? May 6, 2019
Jsmr rose
๐ŸŒน Is JENO the flower... Is the flower JENO... ๐ŸŒน Making a Handmade Flower Box May 13, 2019
JSMR Bath Bomb
JENO'S Bath Bomb Experiences โœจ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿงผ Fragrant Hand Washing May 20, 2019
JSMR Hot Dogs
Crispy Hot Dogs & Melon Shaved Ice๐ŸงMukbang (with + Renjun) May 27, 2019
JSMR Ramen
Epic Tension๐Ÿ“ฃ Ramyeon Mukbang๐Ÿœ (+with CHENJI) June 3, 2019

Videos Edit

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