Dream Plan (Chinese: 少年威计划; pinyin: shàoniánwēijìhuà; literally: 'The Youth Way[V]'s Plan') is a twelve-episode variety show starring WayV. The first episode aired on Youku at August 18, 2019 at 12pm CST. The last episode aired on September 24, 2019.

The variety show makes WayV go through three challenges in order to gain seven microphones. The microphones will be for their chance to perform their dream stage.

The show aired every Tuesday and Sunday on the Youku app.

Episodes Edit

# Thumbnail Title Air Date
Dream Plan Ep1 Thumbnail
Dream Plan EP01: WayV Begins Their Farm Life August 18, 2019
Dream Plan Ep2 Thumbnail
Dream Plan EP02: WayV Turns Into Farm Animal Workers August 20, 2019
Dream Plan Ep3 Thumbnail
Dream Plan Ep03: WayV Start the Black Hole of Games mode Li Yongqin's acting shocks everyone August 25, 2019
Dream Plan Ep4 Thumbnail
WayV Dream Plan EP04 Cool boy group practices for "Village evening" performance August 27, 2019
Dream Plan Ep5 Thumbnail
少年威计划 Ep05 威神V完美演绎“村晚” 开启勇气挑战 Dream Plan September 1, 2019
Dream Plan Ep6 Thumbnail
少年威计划 EP06 威神V盲人餐厅落泪 音乐梦想不惧黑暗 Dream Plan September 3, 2019
Dream Plan Ep7 Thumbnail
Way V Dream Plan EP07: Starry Night Talk, Impromptu Singing Guardian Angel September 8, 2019
Dream Plan Ep8 Thumbnail
Dream Plan EP08 少年威计划 威神V共进退 上栈道下漂流一条心 September 10, 2019
Dream Plan Ep9 Thumbnail
Wayv Dream Plan EP09 When a teenager meets a child, the dream returns to innocence September 15, 2019
Dream Plan Ep10 Thumbnail
Dream Plan EP10 Goodbye All for One, but still remains a youth September 18, 2019
Dream Plan Ep11 Thumbnail
Dream Plan EP11 The last trial Chang Kai acknowledges WayV's abilities September 22, 2019
Dream Plan Ep12 Thumbnail
少年威计划 EP12 梦想的舞台 威神V首次演唱会 Dream Plan September 24, 2019



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