Kim Dong-young (Hangul: 김동영) referred to as Doyoung (Hangul: 도영) is a South Korean singer, born in Guri, Gyeonggi on February 1, 1996. He is one of the vocalists of NCT U and one of the main vocalist of NCT 127.

History on NCT Edit

Profile Edit

  • Stage Name: Doyoung (도영)
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Position:
    • Main Vocalist
  • Nickname: Bunny, Dongs, Bunny Prince, tto-ing, Miko

Discography Edit

Collaboration Edit

  • First Christmas (with Joy of Red Velvet) (2016)
  • Sound of Your Heart (with Yesung of Super Junior, Sunny of Girls' Generation, Luna of f(x), Seulgi & Wendy of Red Velvet, Taeil) (2016)
  • Star Blossom (with Sejeong of Gugudan) (2017)
  • Don't Say Goodbye (with Rocoberry) (2019)

OST Edit

Year Album Song Note
2016 38 Revenue Collection Unit OST "Cool" with Key (Shinee)
2018 Richman OST "Hard For Me" Solo

Filmography Edit

TV Shows Edit

Year Title Channel Role Note
2016 Lipstick Prince OnStyle Cast Member Season 1
First Pitch King Tomorrow SBS Participant Chuseok Special
2017 Family Discovery KBS Guest with Jaehyun
We Got Married MBC Guest
2018 Amazing Saturday tvN

Hosting Programs Edit

Year Title Channel Role Note
2015 Show Champion MBC Music MC January 21 – July 1 (with Jaehyun)
2016 M Countdown Mnet Weekly Guest MC July 28 (with Taeyong)
August 11 (with Yuta)
August 18 (with Jaehyun)
August 25 (with Mark)
September 8 & 22 (with Jeno)
My SMT Youku MC September 19 – October 24
2017-2018 Inkigayo SBS February 5 – February 4
2018 M Countdown Mnet Weekly Guest MC February 22 (with Taeyong)
March 29 (with Jaehyun)
Global MC May 22 (with Yuta & Jaehyun)
May 31 (with Haechan)
Inkigayo SBS November 25 Special MC
The Show SBS MTV December 4 Special MC (with Jaehyun)

Radio Program Edit

Year Name Channel Role Note
2016 Kiss The Radio KBS Cool FM Special DJ
2017 NCT's Night Night! SBS Power FM Jaehyun's Replacement
2017-2019 Regular Guest DJ Do! Digest Segment

Endorsements Edit

Year Brand Notes
2018 M Clean with Johnny

Trivia Edit

  • Specialty: Flute
  • Education:
    • Topyeong Elementary School (Graduated)
    • Guri Middle School (Graduated)
    • Topyeong High School (Dropout)
  • Family: Father, Mother & Older Brother (Gong Myung)
  • Favorite Foods: Cream Cheese Bread, Watermelon, Popcorn, Mango flavoured treats, White chocolate, Peach
  • Favorite Drink: Caramel coffee
  • Favorite Accessories: MP3 Player, Wallet
  • Favorite Instruments: Flute, Bass
  • Favorite Season: Spring
  • Favorite Weather: Drizzling
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Superhero: Spiderman
  • Favorite Flower: Dandelion
  • Favorite Aroma: Cotton Candy
  • Favorite Musician: Eric Benet
  • Favorite Actor: Lee Na Young
  • Favorite Variety Program: Saturday Night Live
  • Religion: Christian
  • Ideal Type: Someone polite to elders with good manners.
  • He is the younger brother of 5URPRISE’s Gong Myung.
  • He can play the flute.
  • He can sing trot songs.
  • He won 1st place at the Gyeonggi Youth Arts Festival in 2013.
  • He was cast into SM Entertainment In 2013.
  • He is currently an MC for Inkigayo since February 5, 2017 to February 4, 2018 along with Got7's Jinyoung and BLACK PINK's Jisoo. 
  • He wants to try being Radio Dj.
  • He was in a band called "Heart Attack" with friends during school days.
  • He is the fastest at taking a shower because he washes his hair and body and brushes his teeth all at the same time.
  • He is afraid of animals.
  • He hates cucumbers.
  • We need Doyoung in glasses ya'll

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