ChenJi (Chen/Le and Ji/Sung) is the friendship pairing between Chenle and Jisung.

Other Names Edit

  • ChenJi (Chen/Le and Ji/Sung)
  • JiChen (Ji/Sung and Chen/Le)

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Differences Edit

  • Jisung is from SM Rookies while Chenle is not.
  • Jisung was born in South Korea whereas Chenle was born in China.
  • Jisung was born in 2002 but Chenle was born in 2001.
  • Jisung is an Aquarius while Chenle is a Sagittarius.


  • They are part of the South Korean boy group NCT .
  • Jisung has Chenle's contact name as Fool Chenle (Chenle Babo) in his phone.
  • They have a show the NCT Channel together called CHENLE & JISUNG's This and That.
  • Before they met in NCT, they were both on the same Chinese television program in 2013 and met. Jisung first taught Chenle how to say "hello" in Korean.
  • Chenle credits Jisung as one of the members who helped him with his Korean when he first came to Korea.
  • Jisung once said that the member he likes most by a margin of 0.00001% is Chenle.


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