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Cafe 7 DREAM (카페7드림) is a reality show starring the members of NCT Dream. It follows the employees of Cafe 7 DREAM around on their daily work schedule.

The manager is Chenle. Mark and Haechan are the bakery decorators and decorates the cake and cookies. The baristas are Jeno and Jaemin. Renjun is a graphic designer for the cafe. Meanwhile, Jisung is the youngest employee who also has the job of being a "buzzer" and gives people their items.

The cafe's special item was the "Spicy Namericano" with twelve shots of expresso and hot sauce on the straw.


# Thumbnail Title Air Date
Cafe 7 DREAM Ep 1 Thumbnail.jpg
Cafe 7 DREAM March 31, 2021
Cafe 7 DREAM Ep 2 Thumbnail.jpg
Cafe vlog|Cafe 7 DREAM은 오늘도 영업중☕️|카페브이로그|카페7드림|#나메리카노매운맛​|#바쁜하루​|#카페신메뉴출시​ April 4, 2021
Cafe 7 DREAM Ep 3 Thumbnail.jpg
Cafe vlog|Cafe 7 DREAM을 찾아온 특별 손님🤭|카페브이로그|카페7드림|#카페일상​|#카페브레이크타임​|#감성카페​ April 5, 2021
Cafe 7 DREAM Ep 4 Thumbnail.jpg
Cafe Behind The Scenes|Cafe 7 DREAM Behind The Scenes April 27, 2021