• Mark's watermelon

    Hi nctizen!!

    I joined for the first time today.

    I'm a debut fan of NCT, I've been a fan since "The seven sense"

    So I have many predebut contents and picture~

    I like all NCT members, esprcially my favorite member is Mark.

    I hope many people all over the world know about NCT

    I want to share my content!!

    Let's get along well~~^^

    TO. NCTizen

    If you see this post or visit my blog, please write a comment!

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  • Dianawhoran


    April 2, 2019 by Dianawhoran

    Yesterday was April 1 in Korea and of course being the crackheads they are, NCT has april fooled us. Personally, I believe my favorite was Kun's. Kun had posted a qr code that looked like a wechat qr code. However, if you scan the qr code, it takes you to a sequence of words. So in conclusion, we were tricked. My second favorite is Johnny's because I almost believed it. Johnny said that he was going to star in a Netflix series called "Hearfelt Homestyle."  Of course, it seems to be false though. The Kim brothers Doyoung and Gongmyung had posted each others selfies and pretended they were one another which was pretty much it chief. Chenle had made a post with a beatiful picture of the sky and claimed it was no good. Chenle also claims he go…

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  • Methodactor

    Annyeonghaseyo, and back to my mother tongue (English) , this is my first blog post so please treat me well.

    So, it's obvious that S.M. Entertainment has never been known for it's great rappers, and though S.M. is one of three of the top K-POP Agencies, rapping skill is something they lack. Now, it can be debatable, in no way am I saying that idols such as Eunhyuk, Chanyeol, Sehun, Irene e.g. are bad rappers, it's just not really the strong point of their agency.

    Vocals are definately the opposite when it comes to S.M. Entertainment, I mean c'mon! Wendy, Baekhyun and Yesung, there are so many more, S.M. is quite well known for their incredibly talented vocalists. 

    So, why are S.M. 's rappers no longer overlooked? Well, NCT debuted in 2016 wit…

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  • Lesyeuxdelia

    Hey !!!!

    August 29, 2017 by Lesyeuxdelia

    Hey !!!!!! Nice to meet you :) I am an admin here so If you need any help contact me please :))))))

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